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About The SavNet Health Savings Card

We are America’s Premier Health Savings Program. The SavNetCard Program is one you can trust – with thousands of participating providers nationwide, you’ll have access to significant savings and our commitment to your health and well being.

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With better network options, members get convenient, accessible care they need!

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Valuable tools and information to enhance your experience.  Visit our website to find answers to many frequently asked questions.


SavNet Health Savings Program should enhance your life – not complicate it.  Great service, network strength, savings and options are the cornerstone of your membership.

Save Money on Glasses, Frames, Contacts and Eye Exams As Well!

As your eyes change, getting exams and new glasses each year can get expensive and having vision insurance is becoming a thing of the past, SavNet can hep you save money when you don’t have insurance.

Accepted At Thousands of Providers Nationwide